Girls With Swords - High School Girl's Bible Study

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An 8 Week Study By Author: Lisa Bevere

How to Carry Your Cross Like a Hero

Worldwide, women are the targets of prejudice, sex trafficking, abuse, and gendercide. A spiritual enemy is seeking to disarm women on every level. Lisa Bevere explains how the Word of God is a sword that should be both studied and wielded. If there ever was a time for women to be armed, it’s now.

Creatively forging the imagery of swords, the Word of God, and the Cross, Girls with Swords will teach you:

How to speak the language of heaven on earth What it means to intercede What it means to carry your cross What it means to be discerning How to disarm the enemy Why women are the enemy’s target— and why God needs them to be heroes

Hosted by Kristi Carrigan and Charity Harris. Location: Park West Church (Room TBA)

Sundays at 6:30PM Beginning June 4


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Event Details

  • June 4
    6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
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